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CoolTouch Laser for Toenail Fungus

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Boca Podiatry Group is proud to offer this revolutionary breakthrough for treating toenail fungus. The CoolTouch laser treatment painlessly gets rid of toenail fungus with just a few 5 to 10 minute visits. Don't let toenail fungus keep you out of the action. Ask for the special web site offer for up to 50% off.

Before and After photos of toenail fungus treated with CoolTouch Laser

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Spider Vein Removal Before and after pics

CoolTouch Laser for Spider Vein Removal

If you suffer from spider veins in your legs the CoolTouch Laser can safely eliminate unsightly veins over the course of several treatments with no downtime required. In just a few short, painless treatment sessions you'll enjoy excellent results!

CoolTouch Laser for Hair Removal

If you're tired of shaving the CoolTouch Laser provides a painless, clinically effective procedure for hair removal. CoolTouch offers the latest in hair removal technology and is safe for all skin types. The number of treatments is determined by skin condition and the amount and type of hair.

Business Opportunity for Physicians.
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Cooltouch CoolBreeze laser is FDA approved for Podiatry pending approval for treatment of fungus toenails.

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